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Zoleo/SpotWalla Real Time Interface

Zoleo and SpotWalla are now connected via a real time interface!

This means when Zoleo receives a message from your device, Zoleo sends the message to SpotWalla in real time. This is a real game changer for Zoleo users since SPOT and Garmin devices must be periodically polled 24/7/365.

Explore the Zoleo Website

Custom Track Colors

Instead of SpotWalla choosing a random color, you now have control of the color of the default track of each device added to a trip! This makes it easier to distinguish one device from another. And it also plays a role in the new Trip Retrospectives functionality.

2023 Iron Butt Rally

The 2023 Iron Butt Rally is in the books. Congratulations to James Owen - this year's winner!

For more information about the rally, see the Iron Butt Rally 2023 website. There you will find all the daily reports, standings, bonus locations and tracking information.

Be sure to checkout the complete animation of the rally - 2023 Iron Butt Rally - All.

Trip Retrospectives

A retrospective is a way to see multiple trips on a single map. Perhaps you want to see all your IBA rides or off-road adventures or family vacations on a single map. A retrospective is how you can do exactly that.

More information: Trip Retrospectives

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Multi-Device Support
SpotWalla supports satellite-based tracking devices from SPOT and Garmin as well as any Android and iOS device running Bubbler GPS or SWTracker or gibbyTrip.
Secure Zones
Secure Zones are regions of the map where your location is hidden/secured from the rest of the world. Zones can be created around your home, place of work, grandma's house ...
Trips are the most popular way to share your travels. They may be public or private, password protected or wide open for the world to see. You can embed trips in blogs, forum posts...
Retrospectives allow you to show multiple, distinct trips on a single map. A great way to share all your IBA rides, off-road adventures, family vacations...
Location Pages
Location Pages show the last known location of multiple users on a single map. One or more track overlays can be added to the page. Widely used by groups and event organizers.
Event Support Contact Us
Want to track your event's participants? SpotWalla's multi-device support allows more users to participate. A location page allows you to see everyone's last known position on a single map and provides easy access to history for each device.
Have family or friends who use SpotWalla? If so, you can easily keep track of eah other by establishing a friendship on SpotWalla.
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