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Getting Started

The topics covered on this help page are:

What is SpotWalla?

SpotWalla is an online personal location management system with support for both satellite-based tracking devices as well as cellular phone applications.

In SpotWalla you are in complete control of your location data. You can share your location publicly and privately. And you can tailor what information is shared publicly to control your exposure.

Contacting SpotWalla

While we have a presence on social media, we do not monitor our social media accounts for support requests. There is only one reliable way to get support and that's by emailing SpotWalla Support.

If you're into it, visit our Facebook Page

Quick Start

You need three things to get started - a SpotWalla account, a working device and a trip. Don't worry about anything else because, until you have a working device and can view your locations, nothing else really matters.

So create an account, choose a supported device, configure the device and get messages/locations flowing into SpotWalla. Creating a trip is the most popular method of viewing those locations on a map.

Do these things...

Creating an Account
Supported Devices
What's a trip?

Creating an Account

An account is only required if you want to setup a device and start tracking and sharing your travels. You do not need an account to view trips or location pages.

To register and create an account you'll need the following things:

  1. A valid, working email address. We will send a verification code to this email. You will need it to complete registration.
  2. A username. A nickname perhaps, but if you are seeking privacy, don't use your real name.
  3. A password. Must be between 1 and 64 characters long. We encourage you to use a strong, random password with upper/lower case letters and numbers with a few special characters thrown in for good measure. Consider using an online password manager like LastPass.com

Once you have an account you can create and configure your first device. Not sure which device is right for you? See the next secion: Supported Devices

Recovering Your Password

If you cannot remember your password and you still have access to the email account used in SpotWalla, click this link to reset your passowrd:

Forgot Password

If you no longer have access to the email account used in SpotWalla, please contact SpotWalla Support and we will help you.

Importing Devices, Locations, Trips and Other Stuff

We know your location data is important and if you have a SpotWalla account on the old website, we want to provide an easy way for you to transition to the new website and bring all your data with you. So during the transition period existing users will be able to import their devices, locations, trips, secure zones and tracks.

You can initiate the import process from the Device Manager or you can click this button:


Terms of Service

We strive to keep things simple and straight-forward. Most of the time it works. Sometimes it doesn't. We believe SpotWalla's Terms of Service is one of those times where it works. Rather than inundate you with a bunch of complicated lawyer-babble, we're just telling you what you can expect from SpotWalla.

Terms of Service