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2020 IDBDR
Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route, 5 years later
2020-08-21 2020-09-03 America/Los_Angeles 5cats
2019 Baja Thanksgiving Ride
San Diego to Los Barriles. And back. 10 days
2019-11-17 2019-12-02 America/Los_Angeles 5cats
2019 Summer Ride
CA, UT, CO, UT, WY, ID, MT, Alberta CAN; some IDBDR, then back to UT.
2019-06-19 2019-07-29 America/Los_Angeles 5cats
jd & Maria go to Hoh!
Destination: Hoh Rainforest, WA. Unsure of points between...
2017-07-22 2017-08-06 America/Los_Angeles 5cats
Baja for the 4th
4th of July weekend in Santa Maria BCN, Mexico National Observatory, off-roading from El Rosario to Punta San Carlos!
2017-06-30 2017-07-04 America/Los_Angeles 5cats
Desert overnighter 20170225
Meetup ride, sdbmwmc to Ocotillo, camp/ride, and back the next day
2017-02-25 2017-02-26 America/Los_Angeles 5cats
Baja Norte 201612
North Baja loop, 2016 Christmas adventure
2016-12-26 2017-01-01 America/Los_Angeles 5cats
Annual trip,
2016-07-22 2016-08-11 America/Los_Angeles 5cats
MP's ORBDR 2016
Annual BDR with the usual suspects.
2016-07-22 2016-08-05 America/Tijuana 5cats
IDBDR 201507
Team Unforgiven does the !
2015-07-24 2015-08-14 America/Tijuana 5cats
CDR 2014 Team Unforgiven
Continental Divide CO, WY, MT to WA, OR, CA
2014-07-10 2014-08-10 America/Tijuana 5cats
Arctic Challenge 2011
2011-06-15 2011-08-20 America/Tijuana 5cats